Game Development

Here you can find our game jam entries, as well as other contributions to the #gamedev community.

We are available for contract work. To discuss this, please email jharler@hrlrdigital.com.


Public Domain Game Library
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ZT Blocks

Public Domain ZeroTolerance Test Game
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Jumping Jehosaphat

Ludum Dare #39 - Platformer
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Ludum Dare #38 - First Person Shooter
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St. Nick's Defense

Ludum Dare #37 - Tower Defense
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Jacked Up!

Ludum Dare #34 - Endless Runner
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Climb Monster Climb!

Ludum Dare #33 - Endless Platformer
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IRMCO Space Miners

Ludum Dare #30 - Simulation
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About Us

At HRLR Digital, our goal is to provide you with high-quality games that will blow your mind. We take pride in the worlds we create and hope that you find them as engaging and rewarding to play as we do.

Joshua Harler is the owner, operator and game creator at HRLR Digital. Joshua has been a professional software developer for over two decades and a love of games and the desire to make them is what sparked his interest in development as a teenager.

While Joshua is the sole operator, he considers HRLR Digital a team effort, as his family is by his side sacrificing as well for the pursuit of a dream.


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